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This year has been mostly about drawing, continuing to work on the woodland project, now in it's 6th year. During the period of five years living off-grid,

living with landscape in a Welsh woodland, I created many mini-series of work about the experience - areas of my work that I have yet to develop. The

first five years culminated in an exhibition in 2016 titled The Intimacy Of Liminal Spaces shown at Belgrave St. Ives, Cornwall.

Now living away from the woodland, only five miles, I am returning to sketchbooks, piles of drawings and to the woodland. These images are

beginnings - work in progress.

Oak Gall Ink - nick-named Ink of poets and Kings - is a very expensive, beautiful, indelible black ink. But for me, the process from start to finish, from

gathering the oak galls in an ancient woodland in west Wales, to making the ink, to using it in my work is an important process in the work. At the

very least because I can control and play with the viscosity and texture of the material.

The work is about exploring drawing through making and using

oak gall ink as much as it is about the place and the experience

of where they were found. I am working it on paper, canvas and

gesso panel.

For the moment, this work is called 'Treasure In Silence' or

perhaps 'Treasure In Stillness' - I work on titles and words

simultaneously when making the work.

Another body of work running alongside 'Treasure In Stillness' is a drawing and photography project, combining oak gall ink drawings with a series of

'moon drawings' - digital photographs taken while night-walking, using a long exposure and the moon as a light source with which to draw. I want to

see how the two different mediums hang next to each other and intend to print the photographs in silver gelatin, a process with a beautiful matt

quality and sense of depth which will juxtapose the photography well with the drawings. For now, it is called 'Night Watch'.

        In September 2017 I continue work on this during a one month residency at the Elysium Gallery test-bed space in Swansea - Is This/This Is.